Syston RFC Seniors

Senior Training

Squad Training

Squad training at Syston takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 7.00pm and combines tailored conditioning drills followed by tactical coaching and set-piece moves, when training concludes at 9.00pm. Each session begins with a variation of different conditioning drills, designed to increase the aerobic fitness of the players in readiness for Match days. We employ an array of different techniques designed to simulate match conditions, by combining fitness, strength and agility style drills. The drills are varied in nature to avoid repetition and keep the players on their toes and mentally alert when fatigued.

This training focuses on ball handling skills, set piece moves and game plays in preparation for match days. Typically the forwards and backs split to focus on their respective key areas, before coming together to simulate match plays. New players are welcome and should contact the club accordingly.